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Platfrom STATUS

Why trade on STATUS with InSure Trade

Millions of traders with a wide variety of needs choose STATUS to trade in the market. Regardless of the level of training, we offer traders the widest opportunities: advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading. STATUS can be used on all operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Android.

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Platform features

Why millions of brokers choose STATUS


One Click Trading

The advanced platform STATUS allows just a couple of clicks to place stop loss and take profit orders, place pending buy or sell orders, move an open position to breakeven, and finally close the position.

Fully customizable graphics

Choose from 3 types of charts, 9 different timeframes and 24 analytical objects on the platform of STATUS. Change, add and customize the layouts and indicators of the charts to suit your trading style.

Profiles and Chart Templates

Select and save the parameters for the charts and indicator settings to immediately start trading as the market moves. Switch between separate profiles for different markets and strategies.

50+ predefined indicators

Take advantage of over 50 predefined STATUS indicators and charts.

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